Hi, my name is Splash

I am the mascot of wash4good, the first self-service Car Wash to always give something back to the community. If you allow me, I will tell you few words about us:

Wash4good is for the moment just a (100% romanian) concept, but with your help (details on the right side of this page) it can be real soon.

wash4good will not be just a self-service Car Wash, it will be „the battery” which will empower your community. We strive to end poverty and to give disadvantaged people a chance for a better life, a normal and self-sustainable life. Our main purpose is not the profit, but to empower the community with the power of its members.

Every time someone will choose our Car Wash to wash his/her car, that person will also know that an amount of the total paid will be redirected to disadvantaged people. This way, that person will never be just a customer for us, but will also be one of our partners in helping the ones who need most.

Everywhere we can see homeless, children abandoned at birth, abused women and many more others who are living in starvation, poverty and disease. Wash4good is here to give them a hand, with the help of the community.

After we will build wash4good, we will empower your community:

  1. We will donate parts of net profits for social causes
  2. We will hire disadvantaged people
  3. We will promote this concept, so as other entrepreneurs to start donating their profits for the communities where they do business.
If you want to know more details about us, please access About Us page.


We do this from love. With your help.
For our community's well-being.

Sincerely yours, Splash

TODAY we need your support in building wash4good.

We need funds to make it a reality and we need your help to reach our minimum financing objective. In return for your help, we will give you all our gratitude plus a lot of magical rewards.

We are currently trying to raise funds through our Save A Life Now with wash4good crowdfunding campaign on startsomegood.com. Startsomegood.com is part of the Top Crowdfunding Platforms according to Forbes. The campaign is active between 24 April 2017 and 21 June 2017.

The donation process is very simple and it only takes 1-2 minutes to complete:

  1. Click "Support this project" button on our campaign link
  2. Select the desired reward or introduce the amount you are willing to contribute (if you select to donate 100 EUR, you will get all the rewards for 20, 50 and for 100 EUR)
  3. Insert your name and email address
  4. Insert your credit/debit card details
  5. Click "Submit" button
  6. Ready! Your pledge will be transferred ONLY IF we reach our minimum financing goals at the end of the campaign (on 21 June 2017).
This system gives any contributor the safety that their donation will only lead to a built project. After you make a pledge, you will be updated with news on our project.

If you are willing to help us, you can do it in 3 ways :

  • You can make a donation pledge with a click on "Support this project" button on our campaign link
  • By becoming a wash4good Ambassador and promoting the campaign to your friends and acquaintance - please contact us for more info about what can you earn by helping our project
  • By sharing our “Save A Life Now with wash4good” campaign link on social media, blogs and email