Project financed with the help of:

This section is dedicated to those who helped us making this project. After the end of our Save A Life Now with wash4good crowdfunding campaign, we will post here a list with the names of those who gave us a hand to turn wash4good from a concept to reality, as a sign of our gratitude – after all, without them this project couldn’t be possible. The names you will find here, no matter people or companies, will be of those who invested time, money and wishes for a better future. That is why they will always receive our gratitude.
More details to come after 21 June 2017.

Because we can’t build wash4good without financial help from our funders, we will express our gratitude through this “Thank you” page. By contributing for this project, they are proving they care about people who need help. They will be the ones who invested their money, time and desire to make this project alive and to give a new hope to millions people around the world. They are the fuel, while we are the engine of turning wash4good from a social project to a reality.

Our hearts say “Thank you to all our funders! With your help, many people will see a new light in their lifes!”

Below you will find more informations about our funders who wish to be visible, soon.

Our partners

Here you will find details about our future partners fighting together for a better world. With their help we will empower our communities, day by day. Here you will find informations about:

Our NGO partners
Main sponsors
Other partners who have a contract with us

More details to come after 21 June 2017.