social responsibility

Here are some interesting figures about what happens around the world*:

If you are reading this, you are probably not making part of these statistics. But the above figures are real and we can easily see that more than 1 people in 10 needs urgent help. Without our help, they are doomed to live in starvation, poverty and humiliation. But if we help them, one day they will give back much more than they received. Helping them, we help ourselves.

Starting with our first Car Wash station, wash4good will donate 25% of our net profits for social causes. While opening more stations in the future we plan to gradually increase the amount of financial contributions so as to reach more than 50% of total net profits in donations, per company. For complete transparency, all of the donations will be regularly posted on “Download” section.

Because we truly want to help others, we will hire most of our employees amongst disadvantaged people. For this matter, our NGO partners will help us find those people who are fitting our needs and who also need a job. We will work close with our partners to ensure these people will have access to a better life.

*according to global statistics on and