“This is the place where you not only get your car clean, but you also help someone in real need”

This is our main purpose. You come to wash4good because you need to get your car clean, but isn’t it better if you also give a hand to someone less fortunate, without you to pay any extra amount? We strive to have the best services in town and the most accesible prices. But this is not all, we also want to empower the community where we do our business. And we can only do this with your help.

We have a commitment of helping communities using at least 2 direct tools:
  • Donating minimum 25% of ALL our net profits to social causes
    we will gradually increase this percentage to reach 50% of total profits as we will open new locations in future
  • Hiring disadvantaged people, when possible
    they will supervise the equipment and they will be responsible for cleaning (1-2 persons/Car Wash station)

In the future, we will try to promote social business models, such as more entrepreneurs and businesses to take similar steps – to help their communities. We think this is one of the best ways to reduce the poverty and we want to give an example that such a business model is easily applicable everywhere in the world.

We love humans. This is the reason why we will also organize volunteering actions and other social awareness actions. We will be an active promoter of charity events. Only this way we will have a better future for us and for our kids.

Advantages Self-Service Car Wash vs. Traditional Car Wash:
Smaller total time (medium time 10-15min vs. 45-60min)
Smaller prices (10-15 LEI vs. 20-30 LEI for a complete Car Wash)
Open 24/7

Disadvantage Self-Service Car Wash vs. Traditional Car Wash:
More personal work to do

Because we care about our environment, our future plans includes eco social Car Wash stations, which will:
Recycle all materials that can be recycled / Have trees and plants / Use water recycling systems / Use renewable energies / Include any other requirements regarding the environment


"sustain local communities and human rights by business development and economic growth"

The core values of wash4good are:
  • To offer quality services which will help communities evolve
  • Integrity and social responsibility
  • Constant contributions in the benefit and with the help of people
  • To respect so as to be respected
The visionary objective of creating wash4good project is to create a strong social brand which will forever change the way we do business, by giving an example that any profitable company could do a better business by helping the communities where they sell, with constant donations. Donations come from love.
We want to be the best, so if you have any helpful suggestions / informations / proposals or if you simply want to know more, please contact us. We will respond as soon as possible.